How effectively your team performs can be critical to business success. IT leaders want to make sure that they’re getting the most from their teams – not just in terms of productivity and project completion, but also in creativity and even to help deliver better job satisfaction, since the highest performing teams are the ones with fully fleshed out rosters and highly engaged employees.  

What are the most important things to focus on when you’re trying to improve team performance?  

1. Autonomy.

It’s important projects run on time and on budget, but micromanaging will kill your team’s productivity and performance. Feedback and check-ins are crucial, but showing your team members you trust them to get the job done and allowing autonomy and ownership in their roles will lead to better performance and more engagement.  

2. Curiosity.

You want your employees to ask questions and challenge the status quo. Don’t let complacency take over; create an environment that encourages curiosity. Make sure your team knows that not only are questions encouraged, but they’re also expected, and even if you don’t have the answers, you find value in their inquisitiveness.  

3. Learning and development.

Give your team members a chance to continue learning and developing on the job. This might mean cross-training on other team member’s role as an important back up, training on additional technical and software skills, or simply taking on more challenging projects with increasing responsibilities. Ultimately, the most engaged employees are the ones who don’t get bored.  

4. Agility.

Making mistakes is okay; in fact, it’s necessary in order to innovate. It’s likely that you know that as a business leader, but do your employees? Encouraging an agile environment that functions with a trial and error or constant tweaking and improvement model gives your employees more room to innovate and create better solutions.  

5. Leading by example.

Your team looks to you for guidance and so it’s important to reflect the kind of attitude and performance you want to see in them.  

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