Job interviews are the key to success in your question for employment and career achievement. It’s one of your first impressions with a company and a chance to help your potential employer understand how your skills and experience align with what they need for their current openings. It also is your opportunity to show your enthusiasm for the company and the work and make sure that you’re all on the same page about what a good fit for the role looks like and how someone would fit into the company culture.  

To make a great first impression with a company:  

  1. Be prepared: It doesn’t matter how many interviews you’ve been on or how long you’ve been in the workforce. You always need to prepare for each interview with the same amount of research. This means becoming increasingly familiar with the job requirements, company history, and even the hiring managers and other leadership. Not only will this knowledge help you answer how your skills and experience can work for this company (because you’ll know exactly what they’re looking for and how they define success), but it will also help you seem interested in the role and ready to dive in.  
  2. Be excited: Enthusiasm for the role can go a long way. Part of showing enthusiasm is being prepared to talk about the role and the value you can bring to the business, but it can also be communicated through tone of voice and body language. Smiling, nodding in agreement, laughing, and other cues show that you’re present and engaged.  
  3. Be professional: Being prepared for interviews and conversations is an important part of being professional, but it’s also about how you present yourself and communicate. Being on time, dressing the part, offering a handshake, and responding to emails in a timely fashion all communicate that you’re reliable and a serious candidate.  

Each of these pieces works together to help make sure you show your best, most positive attributes to potential employers. If you’re looking for your next career opportunity, we can help. Contact us today to help find the right role for you.  

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