Growing your career into a management role is a goal many people have for themselves. The ascent to management, however, isn’t always clear cut and some businesses don’t offer well-defined career paths or any kind of managerial training. It can seem like to become a manager and further your career you have to get lucky when applying or know someone to put in a good for you.

Here are four things you can do to make yourself into more management material and help grow your career.

  1. Let leadership know: Telling your boss and others in a direct way that you’re hoping to find yourself in a management position can help you get closer to being in one. This is especially true if you share with your boss at reviews what you’re doing to prepare for that kind of role. Letting people know your goals is a surefire way to help hold yourself accountable for meeting them. Even if you don’t end up becoming a manager in your current department or team, growing your skillset can help you take on management challenges anywhere.
  2. Ask for more: Related, asking for more responsibilities, offering to learn new tasks, and volunteering to fill in while someone from the team is out are great ways to help you shine for your supervisor and prepare you for more leadership or more responsibility either at your current company or your next role.
  3. Read: Leadership and management books are popular for a reason. The advice and information that these books can offer you can help you discover the areas of your personal and professional life that you need to fine-tune to create better management qualifications.
  4. Find a mentor: One of the best ways to find yourself in a more successful career is to make connections with someone whose career path you admire. Finding a mentor and learning from their mistakes and victories, as well as having someone to ask questions to and help keep you accountable, is an invaluable way to add to your knowledge and your skillset and keep you moving forward. If you can’t find a mentor in person, you may be able to find one online or even dive into daily podcasts from inspiring business leaders.

If you’re looking to find a management role that suits your skills, get in touch today. Our expert team can help connect you with the right company.

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