Good engineering candidates have their choice of companies to work for. Businesses know they need the best talent to support their key business initiatives, but they also know that the talent pool is extremely competitive. How can you ensure that the most qualified applicants find your posting and ultimately accept offers from your organization, as opposed to using their skills and experiences for your competitors?  

Here’s what to keep in mind to ensure you can secure the best talent. 

  1. Improve the candidate experience: Candidates don’t want to wait weeks to hear back from businesses and they’re unlikely to accept offers from businesses that aren’t communicative. Your candidate experience – positive or negative – is likely to impact your applicants’ decisions to stick with the application process. If the application is confusing or the business unresponsive, you’re more likely to lose talented applicants along the way. 

  2. Make stronger offers: If you’re offering jobs to candidates, make sure the offers are in line with market rates and match the kind of benefits they’re likely to find with other organizations. To stop losing talent to the competition, you need to make sure your offers are competitive. Work with hiring managers and ensure alignment between HR and leadership to make sure you’re offering the best candidates the best possible packages. 

  3. Focus on your culture and employee brand: Employees want more than a paycheck. While financial stability and a fair exchange of work for pay is an important part of what makes a candidate decide where to work, more and more people desire a strong value alignment with their employer. They want to feel connected to the mission of the business and feel like their work matters to the big picture. Focusing on your employee culture and experience can help you understand what your employees value and help you attract top talent over time. Not only will a stronger culture focused on things that matter to your employees keep you from losing applicants to other organizations, it can help boost the retention of your current workforce and keep them from moving on, whether it’s to another company or a competitor in the industry.  

If you’re looking to find the top engineering candidates for your open positions, we can help. Our staffing experts can help you source and place the best talent. Get in touch today to start the search for the best candidates who can support your business.  

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