No matter how much you love your company or are passionate about your profession, it’s easy to feel stuck in your career for any number of reasons. Whether it’s that you don’t feel challenged in your current role or you don’t feel there are opportunities for you in your company or you are bored of your routine, it’s normal to feel stuck.

Here are some ways to get refocused and reengaged with the possibilities.  

Focus on non-work goals:

Work is where we spend a large part of our days, and so it can be easy to hyperfocus on that area when it’s frustrating. Feeling stagnant at work can make us want to put more effort into trying to fix that as quickly as possible and can quickly become discouraging and lead to burn out if things don’t change right away. When feeling stuck, it’s important to reevaluate the things that make you feel inspired, not drained, and refocus on your passions, even if they aren’t related to your profession in any way. Turning your focus away temporarily can help you find more clarity and perspective. It can also help you get some mental space and gain perspective. 

Grow your network:

Finding new people to connect with can be a crucial ingredient for getting unstuck. Growing your network can help you get in touch with new sources of inspiration and the perspectives of other people in your industry, your peer group, or even by following and connecting with someone you’ve always admired or someone who has your dream job. A growing network is also a way to get exposure to different jobs, companies, and additional opportunities.  

Get a mentor:

Another way to get connected with job opportunities and additional opportunities, both within in your company and industry or something completely different based on your interests and strengths. A good mentor can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, nurture your job interests, point out opportunities, and potentially even help advocate for you with leadership for a promotion or job change.  

Think about what you need to get where you need to be:

If you know why you feel stuck and can clearly identify what would make you feel more fulfilled, connected, and un-stuck, you can start planning a roadmap forward and work a plan to overcome potential setbacks and challenges. If you aren’t making progress towards where you want to be, you can start strategizing what might get you there. Is it a certificate? A degree? A mentor? With a goal in mind, you can start making progress and plans towards how to get there.  

If you’re looking for a new job or career change, get in touch with our team today. Our staffing experts can help connect you with the next right opportunity and kickstart your career.  


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