For some, the idea of hosting one more Zoom happy hour might make you cringe. For others, the idea of bonding with coworkers is a holiday tradition and navigating it virtually is just one more 2020 challenge to problem solve.  

Here are some ideas for ways to get your teams excited about virtual holiday parties.  

Ask for ideas:

The best way to get people excited about a party is if they have a hand in planning in. Some people will have too much going on (or be too tired from the stress of the rest of the year) to fully participate, but other people would love a chance to take a break from the day to day and have a hand in helping create the company’s first virtual holiday party. Hosting a virtual party also gives more people the opportunity to attend (no paying for child care or an Uber home) and can also easily be designed to include a homage to different cultures and celebrations.  

Consider involving the families:

Normally, company Christmas parties are a chance for adults to gather with their work friends and colleagues and bond in a less corporate setting. This year, consider making kids, spouses, grandparents, and pets part of the occasion. Consider having a block of time for families to do an at-home catwalk of their matching holiday pajamas or let people show off their dressed-up pets.  

Share recipes:

Consider asking employees to share their holiday recipes – from the sweet to the savory to the classic cocktail – on an intranet page and use some of the holiday party time to let people showcase new recipes they tested and share their results.  

Vote on playlists:

Encourage people to make their own holiday playlists and suggest themes: nontraditional holiday music, holiday covers, class holiday hits. Use the intranet, Microsoft Teams, or a Slack channel to share employee created playlists.  

Give gifts:

Think outside the box for employee holiday gift-giving this year. While some companies have had to suspend their Christmas or year-end bonus as a cost-optimization measure, most organization still want to treat their employees in some way. DoorDash or GrubHub gift cards are a popular and easy way to share some holiday generosity, while other organizations are offering employees an extra day of PTO to encourage wellness and balance.  

Have a dress-up theme:

If your employees like the idea of dressing up for the virtual event or having a dress-up contest, vote on a theme like Christmas pajamas, ugly holiday sweaters, or even black tie to give fancy dresses an opportunity to get out of the closet at least once in 2020, even if just for a Zoom party.  

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