When you get an email or cold call from a recruiter, most people who aren’t in the market for a job will ignore it, maybe sending it to voicemail or a junk folder. But answering these communications can be a good thing no matter where you are in your career.

Here’s why:  

Unexpected dream job:

Maybe there’s a role or job type that you’ve always considered out of your reach or a distant possibility, so it never even occurred to you to search out and apply for these roles on your own. But if someone comes across your LinkedIn or resume, it might turn out that they see you as a better match for one of these roles than you thought. Answering a call might be what sets you on the path to that opportunity.  

Keeping options and lines of communication open:

What happens if you’re not looking for a job now but might be in the near future? Having a contact or connection in the staffing or recruiting field might not be necessary now, but it might be a helpful person to know and have in your network in the future. An impromptu conversation can start building the foundation based on your interests, skills, experiences, and more. That way, if your company conducts layoffs, you lose your job unexpectedly, or find yourself wanting to start a job search and grow professionally, you already have a place to start and contact you can reach out to.  

Surprise role at dream company:

Is there a company that you’ve always wanted to work for or a leader you’ve always wanted to work under and learn from? Staffing companies have vast networks of organizations and companies they have relationships with, which means if an open role becomes available and recruiters have a profile of your background that shows you’re a good fit, answering the phone will be a good step towards your dreams coming true.  

You never know what your next opportunity might be. Whether you are looking for jobs or happy in your current position, a recruiter can present you with opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.  Being introduced to possibilities might be the push you need to grow into a different role, change companies, or even start down a whole new career path that becomes a fulfilling chapter in your career.  

If you’re looking for positions already, our staffing team can help. You don’t have to wait for us to call – contact us today to help you get started on a successful job search. Let our expert team help match you with the company or the job that’s right for you.  

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