Not being able to find a qualified candidate to fill a role is probably one of the most stressful things that can happen to a hiring manager. Second to that? Having two or more qualified candidates that you can’t decide between. When faced with candidates who have similar backgrounds and experiences and show the same aptitude or the same passion for their work, it can make it hard to extend an offer, which can hold up hiring and reduce productivity.

How do you make the right choice and ensure that you’re adding the right person to your team?  

Ask your peers:

Having final rounds of interviews includes multiple meetings that can give you more perspectives and insights into your candidates. Being able to ask your peers – including other people who would be on the direct team, supervisors, and any direct reports – how they feel about the candidates can be helpful in making a final decision. Ask if they have any preferences and why and consider those factors in your decision.  

Decide what you need:

What are the most important qualifications for this role? Is it a degree? Is it working in a particular industry? For two candidates who are similarly matched, ask what the number one thing that person needs to have in that position to succeed, and then choose the candidate who showcases that most clearly.  

Look for a cultural fit:

Is there someone whose values and personality align more with the culture of your organization? A cultural fit is something that leads to better connections between teams and between employers and their supervisors.  

Ask your candidates for input:

Hiring is a two-way street – will they be happy working for you? Ask your candidates in follow-up emails or at the end of the email if they feel like your organization is the right fit for them; the answer may help you decide if they’re right for you as well.  

Remember, passion can’t be learned or taught:

When deciding between candidates, is there someone who has more passion? Does one candidate seem more excited about the possibility of working for you? These qualities can indicate someone’s commitment to growing with and developing alongside your organization. Most skills and programs can be taught, but enthusiasm and commitment to a role, a team, and an organization are the kinds of traits that lead to long-term relationships with employees.  

Our experienced staffing team takes pride in our ability to pair candidates with the right roles and the right companies. If you’re looking for qualified talent to help you fill the roles on your team, get in touch with us today. We can help match you with the right people who’ll help you meet your business goals 

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