Deciding to look for a new job can be stressful, so it’s important to figure out if it’s the right move first. How do you know when it’s time to move on and start the search for something new?

Here are some signs that it might be time to dust off your resume and start job hunting.  

Signs of burnout:

Being exhausted, stressed, and dreading going into work are signs of burnout and it can be a dangerous place to be mentally. If your job is demanding too much of your energy and interfering with other parts of your life, it might be time to move on to be able to find a better work-life balance.  


Is your company currently conducting layoffs or showing other signs of struggling? If you feel like your job might be at risk because your company is in trouble, it’s a good time to look for a job.  

Poor communication:

Organizations that don’t have clear communication plans or leadership that isn’t transparent can be detrimental to morale and job performance. If you don’t feel like you’re in the loop with the goings-on in your company, it might be time to try finding a company that values communication.  

Lack of opportunity or development:

Does your job offer training and learning opportunities, a career path with the organization, or upward mobility? Consider looking for a new job if you feel stuck in your role and there’s no path to promotion or advancement.  

Clash with peers:

Is there tension in your team? Does your workplace feel toxic or hostile? If you can’t get along with your coworkers or your boss, it’s hard to feel comfortable, creative, or constructive at work. You deserve to feel comfortable in your job, so it might be time to take a look at other roles.  

Lack of interest:

If you’ve completely lost interest in your industry or your role, you probably won’t be engaged or productive in your job. If that’s the case, it might be time to look for a new job and a new career path.  

More responsibilities with no change in pay or rank:

If your manager, supervisor, or other leadership starts asking you to increase your responsibilities and day to day job duties past what you feel is fair, more than your job description calls for, or more than you feel than you’ve been trained for, it might time to think about finding a new job where the responsibilities match the role and the rate of pay.  

If you’re looking for the right new role, get in touch with our team today to find the open roles that are the best fit for you.  

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