Finding the right talent depends on asking the right questions. You need to know what to ask candidates to be able to accurately assess their skills, abilities, and team fit. You’re looking to find the right hire when looking at tech candidates, here’s where to start.  

Ask Your Tech Candidates These Questions

  1. What skills do you think are most important relevant for this role?” You know what skills you’re looking for, but what do your candidates think are the most important skills they have to help them succeed? Are these things in line with what you’re looking for? 

  2. “Tell me about an experience or project that didn’t go as you expected.” How do your candidates handle change or failure? This gives you a sense of how they’ll handle the unexpected that’s sure to come up in the position you’re hiring for. 

  3. “What up and coming technology are you most excited about and why?” You want to find out if your candidates are forward-thinking enough to handle the constant changes of technology and be able to stay on top of the role as the needs and responsibilities evolve. 

  4. “What was the most challenging part of your last position?” What have your candidates struggled within their last role? How have they overcome those? These questions help you figure out how resilient candidates are and how they handle stress. 

  5. “How do you keep your skills up to date?” Tech jobs and IT roles require a constant assessment of current skills and figuring out how to stay current as technology advances and evolves. 

  6. “How do you define success in your role?” You know what you’re looking for and what success looks like for your team members. What do your candidates think and does it match your expectations? 

  7. “Describe your work style.” Do they work better independently? Can they work as part of a team? Do they have the ability to accept criticism and deliver presentations? 

  8. “What have been your favorite projects to work on and why?” This question helps you understand how your candidates think and what about their work they find most interesting and intriguing, offering you the insight to decide if it’s a good match for the role you’re seeking to fill. 

  9. “What about the responsibilities of this role seem the most challenging?” It’s helpful to know what candidates have concerns about. This can give you a sense of the skills they may lack and understand their attitude towards overcoming shortcomings. 

  10. “What excites you most about this role?” Passion and interest and enthusiasm in the job and the company are important qualities in a candidate. Finding out what gets them excited about working with your company is helpful when deciding if a candidate will make a good hire.  

If you’re looking for the right fit for your open tech roles, give us a call. We can help you find the right talent to successfully take on your open positions.  

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