There’s nothing like a crisis to shine a light on priorities. Whether your business is suffering from the global impact of COVID-19 or is facing other huge shifts in the industry or business, you can turn your challenging circumstances into an opportunity to improve your organization.  

Improve collaboration

It’s possible that during business as usual, you’ve lost touch with how your teams communicate or how effective that communication is. Now is the time to dig in. Do you have collaboration and communication tools like Microsoft Teams or Basecamp that are going underutilized? Do your managers or employees complain about feeling disconnected? communication and collaboration are never more important than during hard transitions, and establishing the right policies will not just help your organization in the midst of a crisis but also going forward into recovery.  

Get scrappyagile, and innovation

Is there a way, for instance, to use your current technology stack to help you accomplish more with your current capabilities or subscription access? If you see gaps in your abilities, ask questions and get creative using what you already have to try to address business needs. Developing a test and learn culture around problem-solving and doing more with less is a crucial thing to grow during times of crisis that will continue to serve your business well in the future.  

Focus on development

Team morale is key in handling crises well. While you may have had to make budget cuts to training and development programs or even halt bonuses and raises, you can still invest in your staff. Encourage managers and leadership to more regularly connect with teams to offer encouragement and feedback. You can also host online book clubs where employees and leaders get together to talk about relevant books about business, change, and growth. Reducing turnover and maintaining productivity is crucial in crisis, and remaining committed to employees and their growth is a worthwhile investment of time that will help keep your employees focused and motivated. 

If you’re looking for top talent to help you accelerate out of the turn of crisis or want to add to your team to better support your mission and your business recovery, we can help. We work with a network of qualified candidates and are experts at finding the right fit for your open roles.  

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