Technology continues to accelerate and both businesses and individual employees need to state engaged with the trends in innovation. An understanding of a constantly changing, growing, evolving technology landscape makes sure that businesses stay competitive and that employees can continue to make relevant contributions to the business. Disruption and change tend to be the norm, and being prepared to continue learning and growing as things change is a crucial career skill.  

Here are some ways that employees can make sure they are staying agile, tech-savvy, and ahead of the curve.  

Continuing education

Continued training, learning, and development can look like a lot of things. Some organizations offer in-house learning and development programs that help upskill employees that are run by HR. Employees can also seek out outside sources like webinars, online tutorials, and even online classes through a local college or online sources like Coursera, which connects learners with resources. Conferences are also an option for continued education, and while most of them are virtual for 2020 going into 2021, the ones that are happening digitally are still offering key insight and takeaways for attendees.  


Connecting with someone internally is a great way to stay visible in your organization while simultaneously growing your skillset and expanding your knowledge and experiences. Finding a mentor can mean reaching out to your boss or a leader in another department; anyone who you respect and admire can be a source of learning and can help you build the skill set and frame of mind necessary to continue to develop your tech skills and progress your career.  

Follow industry leaders

Social media provides everyone access to some of the greatest thinkers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in nearly every industry. Following social media accounts, blogs, and newsletters from top-performing industry leaders can help you stay on top of trends and better understand the areas to focus on relative to your position, your industry, your company, and more.  

Apply your learning

You want to absorb as much as you can when it comes to growing the tech knowledge necessary to stay relevant in your company and further along in your career, but one of the best ways to showcase new learnings and practice growing confident in talking about and working with new tech knowledge is by practicing and sharing. Propose exploring a new product or vendor at your next team meeting or share a compelling article you read with your manager. 

If you’re looking for a role that can help you keep growing and developing or you’re ready to take your ambition and passion to the next level, get in touch with us today. Our team is made up of experts in matching candidates to just the right role for them.  

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