Born after 1996 and turning 24 in 2021, Gen Z is about to reimagine the workplace. Unlike Millennials, Gen Z came of age during a period with record-low unemployment and a strong economy. Recruiting the best talent will take more effort.

Are you ready to make your company attractive to Gen Z tech talent? Use these tips to get started.

Take Control of Your Company Narrative

What does the world think about what you do? If someone visits your website for the first time, would they want to work for you?

These are new questions for most companies, but they do put you in the shoes of your ideal candidates.

You want to be in control of your company narrative if you want to steal top talent. Often, you need:

  • A full, detailed careers page
  • A social media presence sharing work life
  • A carefully managed online reputation

By considering these assets as part of your recruitment pipeline, you remain in charge of your story. In other words, you get to shout about what makes your company great, rather than leave it up to the candidate to guess.

Use Referrals to Win

Employee referrals are the holy grail of hiring. Referrals are easy to hire, more likely to accept offers, and add up to 25% more value.

Because Gen Z is more likely to look for intangible characteristics like purpose, referrals become an even more important part of your recruitment pipeline.

How do you ramp up the program? Referral bonuses. Distribute small bonuses over the first year of a referral’s tenure mean you are more likely to see your referral pipeline grow from a trickle to full blast.

Make a Real Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in U.S. history, and they’re not willing to settle. If you’re a legacy business, you need to know that Gen Z defines diversity differently than even Millennials.

While diversity and inclusion have a place throughout your business, they must have representation in the hiring process. If your hiring process doesn’t define, cater to, and demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion, then you will struggle to get talent through the door.

Change the Game to Recruit Gen Z

Whether you’re a family business, startup, or Fortune 500 company, you will need to reassess your hiring strategy to attract Gen Z.

At Kinect, we make it our business to build stellar, diverse teams. We value relationships and experience, which primes us to work with Gen Z. Are you ready to find the newest talent in the tech sector?

Contact Kinect to get started.

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