Remote working was already a trend to watch prior to 2020. Statistics from Buffer found that 44% of employees say at least one or two members of their team work remotely all the time.

Are you thinking about building a remote tech team? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits associated with all-remote teams.

1. Happier Teams

Chief of the benefits of working remotely is employee happiness.

One study from Owl Labs found that workers with remote options are 22% happier in their jobs than those who can’t leave the office. They have less stress, a better-work-life balance, and find it easier to focus.

Happier teams are more productive, engaged, and critically, stay longer at their jobs.

So, if you’re looking to build a top team that will guide your company for the next five years, remote-first may the right option.

2. Hire the Right Candidates from Anywhere

When you advertise for a new candidate, your posting does most of your heavy lifting: it details the job requirements, desired skills, and company cultures. But your location may play an outsize role.

Very often, you are limited to only those candidates located within 75 miles of your business.

When your team is remote-first, you can hire from almost anywhere. So, if the perfect candidate doesn’t want to relocate to your HQ, it’s no problem.

3. Low-to-No Fixed Overhead

Cutting costs is saving businesses lately. Office expenses put some of the biggest strains on your budget, particularly in highly competitive areas.

When you emphasize remote work, you have the opportunity to save on:

  • Rent and utilities for large premises
  • Cleaning services
  • On-site perks

Then, you can minimize your fixed monthly costs or eliminate them altogether. The rise of co-working spaces and small business incubators also makes it easier to set up a permanent space and scale the desks you need accordingly.

Instead of shelling out for office space and perks, you can invest in tools and tech for employees so that everyone has what they need to do their best work from where they are.

Is Remote-First Right for You?

Remote teams are growing in number because they come with tangible benefits: lower fixed costs, greater employee happiness, and more agility overall.

To make your new remote team work, you also need employees who have remote-first skills. Are you on the hunt for the first or next member of your team? Kinect can help you hire fast. All you need to do is request an employee.

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