Back in 2015, Deloitte produced a workplace burnout survey that found 77% of respondents experienced burnout at their current job. Their findings suggested that burnout happened regardless of passion for the job and that companies aren’t doing enough to prevent burnout in everyday company culture.

A few years from now, it’s likely that burnout surveys will show even more extreme results as huge swatches of the workforce juggle working from home.

Do you feel like you’ve hit the wall? Here’s what to do next.

Recognize Burnout for What It Is

The first step to overcoming burnout is to name it. Job burnout comes with these symptoms:

  • Dragging yourself to the computer i the morning
  • Experiencing low energy and low productivity
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate
  • Feeling disillusioned about your job
  • Battling low job satisfaction
  • Struggling with physical discomfort (e.g., unexplained headaches, digestive problems)

If you recognize one or more of these symptoms, then you may be having more than a bad day. It could be burnout.

Talk to Your Manager or HR

Trying to battle through burnout only leads to greater distress. Rather than trying to push through it, ask for help or resources to help you return to your past-productive self.

Much of burnout revolves around boundaries or lack thereof. Re-establishing boundaries can help you switch off, regulate your sleep, and leave you feeling free to do something you enjoy.

Talk to your manager or HR representative about what’s possible for your workday. Be open and honest and go to them with some type of potential solution. If possible, get some time off and truly embrace it. Set an out of office notice, turn off your notifications, or even put your computer in a drawer.

Whatever you do, don’t suffer in silence.

Find Ways to Take Back Control

So much of life over the past year falls outside any individual’s control. While you can’t solve the world’s problems, you can find ways to create healthy changes in your own life.

In some cases, you may find you need to automate tasks that you don’t enjoy, like cooking. Setting a budget for takeout or ready meals will take the task off your plate and ensure you get regular meals.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, look for solutions that may help you drift off easier. Even something as simple as sitting outside on a sunny day can bring your Circadian rhythm back into focus.

Finally, if you have tough choices to make with the way you spend your time, don’t neglect your “me time.” Do one thing a day that serves only you. Whether it’s five minutes of meditation, facial massage, or something else entirely, take the time to care for yourself in a way that makes sense to you.

Burnout Isn’t Forever

Burnout was a problem before 2020, and without a big cultural shift, it will continue to plague workers across industries. The good news is that you won’t feel burnout forever, and if you take steps to address the underlying causes, you can emerge and start to enjoy work again.

Sometimes, a fresh role can help you shake off the cobwebs and kick-start your productivity. Find out what’s available in your area on our job board.


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