More and more, businesses aren’t just looking for the best resumes. They want to make sure candidates can not only do the job well and bring the right skills to the table; they also want to make sure that the people they’re hiring buy into the mission of the business and are a good cultural fit.

How can you position yourself as a cultural fit in an interview?

  1. Read the website: You can get a really good sense of the vibe of a workplace, office, or company by visiting their website. A careers page or employee testimonial page will give you some insight into the kind of people they hire and what they value and look for when it comes to hiring a new employee. When you know that they value, you’re able to assess if you’re a good fit and think about what kind of questions they may ask you.
  2. Read up on Glassdoor: You can find out more about a company’s culture by reading reviews from current and former employees. Not only do their reviews give you an understanding of how employees relate to their employer, but it can also give you insight into what kinds of questions employers are asking during interviews with candidates.
  3. Think relationally: When you’re being asked for examples of work experience, think of ways to incorporate both your work philosophy, relevant experience, and coworker relationships. Examples that highlight both your workability and your commitment to teamwork will help you stand out in businesses that prize collaboration.
  4. Ask the right questions: Towards the end of the interview, there’s always an opportunity for candidates to ask questions. Use this time to ask them directly about their culture so you’re seen as someone to whom this matters. Additionally, ask how your supervisor or hiring manager wants to see a candidate contribute to the overall culture of the company in the role.

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