Passive job seekers can be a huge benefit to your organization. Do you have a game plan for how to find the passive tech talent who can help make a difference in your organization? Here are some things to focus on when developing your passive job seeker strategy.  

Create the Strongest Employment Brand Possible

How can your brand attract the most qualified talent? Having a strong employee brand will invoke curiosity with any job seekers, but particularly those who might not be actively looking for a job change but would be open to the right opportunity. Make sure your social media pages specifically speak to what you have to offer employees and communicate the kind of culture you’re cultivating for your team.  

Identify Current and Projected Staffing Needs

Knowing what positions you have open and what your future business needs are will help you better target passive candidates. Identifying what you need in a candidate will help you better identify which passive candidates are worth targeting and potentially courting to join your team.  

Find and Engage Passive Prospects

You can find passive job candidates in a number of places, including LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Including this as part of your recruitment strategy builds time into your week to make sure that you’re considering all potential candidate sources and making sure you’re considering all available options for securing the best talent for your company.  

Tailor the Application Process to be Easy and Appeal to Passive Job Seekers

You already know that passive talent isn’t actively looking for a job, but you also know that someone out there might have the skills and experience to make a huge difference for your business. One of the best ways to make sure that you’re making the application process as easy as possible for passive candidates is to ensure that your job position applications are simple. Use a simple resume upload template to convince more candidates to submit their applications.  

Sourcing candidates can make a big difference in your recruitment strategy, but it needs to be a deliberate effort from your HR team. Keeping an eye on qualified candidates, staying in touch with potential talent, and keeping your employee brand positive can help ensure that passive talent knows about openings and is more likely to see your business as a company with the right opportunities  

If you’re looking to fill a position on your team, give us a call. Our expertise and candidate network connect companies with both active and passive talent that can support the success of your business. Get in touch today.  

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