Your employees are the foundation of your business and critical to your success. The best talent helps you stay competitive and drives your business forward – what’s why retaining your top talent is a priority. In addition to the fact that recruiting is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, employee retention is important to your bottom line because the best talent is what sets your business apart and helps you continue to raise the bar.  

How do you keep your employees on board? Here are some things to avoid to ensure that you don’t drive your best employees away or lose them to other companies.  

Letting Your Teams Get Bored and CStop Losing Your Top Tech Talent to Competitors!omplacent

Keep challenging your employees. It’s important that employees can handle the day to day work, but you want to keep them interested and engaged to make sure they are staying sharp and engaged.  

Not Encouraging Employee Growth

This will look different for every business, but there are plenty of ways to help your employees grow. Not only will this help make sure you’re developing talent that can do the job you hired them to do even better, you’re making sure they have a reason to say on board and keep doing their best work. Look into options like tuition reimbursement, mentoring programs, company book clubs, and more.  

Not Trusting Your Talent

Micromanaging might seem like the best way to ensure that all the details of projects are getting done, but it’s actually one of the surest ways to ruin productivity and drive team members to other companies. If you invest in hiring talent you can trust to get the job done, you don’t have to hover.  

Not Listening to Your Teams

You want to make sure that you’re hearing both your teams’ ideas as well as their challenges and complaints. If you’re really committed to hiring and retaining the best talent, you’ll want to hear and consider their ideas for all parts of the business.  

Passing Qualified Candidates Over for Promotions

The employees who stay with businesses are the ones who feel most appreciated and recognized. Providing a path for advancement is one of the key ways that employees feel they are valued with their employers. Make sure to provide your employees with the possibility of career growth.  

Losing talent can be a huge cost to companies in many ways, so it’s important to have strong employee retention practices in place be aware of missteps to avoid. If you’re looking to fill spots on your team with driven tech talent, let us help you find the best-in-class employees who have the skills, experience, and culture fit your business needs to succeed. Call our team of experts today.  

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