LinkedIn is already known as one of the most valuable social media and networking platforms for career-minded people. But how can it really help drive your career growth and success? Here are some key ways to use LinkedIn to help you get a job.  

Make the most of your headline and summary.

Your headline and summary are your opportunity to blend your personality, personal goals, and career achievements. You want to make sure these are keyword-rich descriptions of what you’ve done and what you’re looking for. If there are certain job postings you’re interested in, make sure that some of those keywords end up in your updated headline and summary.  

Engage and be active.

What differentiates a LinkedIn presence from a straightforward resume is how it allows you to interact with other professionals. Reading industry updates and responding or commenting on news, questions, and other posts can help you create potential connections and strengthen professional network relationships.  

Be careful with contacts.

Connecting with other LinkedIn members to just grow your connection count is a bad idea. Instead of growing meaningful relationships with potential industry contacts, you might just end up alienating or annoying professional contacts. This will end up hurting your ability to make connections that can lead to career advancement.  

In a lot of ways, LinkedIn is an enhanced, online resume. Your profile can help you connect your skills and experiences to businesses and positions and help you grow your career and your success. It’s important, then, to make sure that it does the best job in featuring your accomplishments and achievements. Equally important is how you engage on the platform beyond your profile; making connections with industry leaders and peers, following business feeds, and being involved in conversations can be a crucial LinkedIn steps to securing your next position.  

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