How does employee loyalty affect your workforce? Should you pay attention to long potential hires have spent at the businesses before yours?  In a lot of cases, loyalty can mean stability, which is something that every business wants from employees and operations. No one wants to be left in a lurch because an employee can’t commit or decides to leave for a different opportunity before even having a chance to make an impact on the current project. Most employers look at a candidate’s past experience and time spent with companies as the merit test for trustworthiness or job satisfaction.

Here are a few things to consider when thinking about a potential candidate’s tenure as part of your hiring decision.

1. Not every project requires a long tenure.

IT professionals who work as contractors or consultants have often served on more projects or with more businesses than other employees. Lots of projects work well that way, and many businesses bring on temporary or contract help to complete these projects, so a number of projects on a resume isn’t automatically indicative of an employee’s disloyalty or career instability.

2. Some are driven by the desire for a challenge.

This can be a good thing for your company. If you find that someone has served in several projects across businesses or industries over the past few years, that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re flakey or noncommittal. It might mean that they enjoy a challenge and are at their best when they’re facing fresh challenges. This might be a benefit for your business.

The most important thing when it comes to finding stable, long-term employee fits is to have conversations that increase understanding rather than making assumptions based on resume dates. It’s possible that employees who have always worked in contract, freelance positions want full-time positions or that they’ve always wanted to work for your organization. The only way to know is to have conversations with applicants and be careful not just to dismiss otherwise qualified candidates. It’s also crucial to have conversations with references to get a better understanding of a candidate’s motivations and personality.

Working with an IT staffing firm can help you find the right employees who are likely to stay on long-term and make sure they’re part of the team for the duration and completion of projects. If you’re looking for highly qualified candidates to help contribute to the success of your team, get in touch with us today.


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