It’s no secret: right now, it’s a candidate’s market. The economy is continuing to trend positively, and unemployment rates are low. This is great news for the economy as a whole but has led to a candidate shortage for many businesses. How can your business compete over the reduced number of qualified candidates?

1. Be smarter about the application.

The application is the first interaction that candidates will have with the recruitment process for your company. Don’t waste their time. Consider ways you can streamline the process and make it faster and easier to apply. If your process requires a long, lengthy form fill as opposed to a simple resume upload, you might lose qualified talent who don’t want to take the time to engage with a more time-consuming process – especially when other businesses are offering an easier first step.

2. Focus on your brand.

What do you have to offer employees? Recruitment is about more than just finding the best candidates who can help you find success, but about making sure they feel like they have a future at your company and can align their personal and career goals with your organization. Make sure your company brand is solid and speaks to the kind of people you want to bring onboard. Use everything

3. Make it personal.

Every communication counts. If you really want to make an impression and connect with talented, qualified candidates, you need to make sure you’re not relying on generic emails to get the job done. While more personalized communication might take more time and effort for recruiters, it can pay off. Creating better business relationships and putting more effort into communications can help concert candidates to employees.

4. Be timely.

No one wants to wait, especially those whose future careers hang in the balance. One of the best ways to keep your recruitment and retention rate high is to be quick and communicative at every step in the recruitment process. Make sure to call, email or text with candidates throughout the hiring steps to make sure they know where they stand and they know what the next steps are. Any lag in the process or lack of communication can turn off candidates and drive them away from your business.

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