Recruiting top talent is a high priority for most HR teams and businesses. Still, it can be challenging to know which channels to prioritize in recruiting efforts and which ones may lead to the highest quality candidates or fastest responses. Should you focus on recruitment events? Invest in social media efforts? Attend conferences? Use a recruitment platform like Indeed? Most balanced, effective recruitment strategies include some or most of these methods of outreach. 

One tactic that’s grown in effectiveness over the last decade is LinkedIn.  Recruiters have long been using the power and resources of LinkedIn to help find quality candidates and fill positions. Are you using LinkedIn to the fullest and taking advantage of the ways it can bolster your recruitment strategy? Here are some tips to consider. 

  • Post all your jobs: LinkedIn should be a go-to job posting board. This is one of the main things employers use the platform for, but it’s essential to be consistent and timely. Having an easy to apply application on LinkedIn can bring you more candidates faster.   
  • Use your network: Recruiters have several LinkedIn tools available to them to find and reach candidates. You can ask for recommendations from your connections and quickly be routed to the profiles of qualified candidates. You can even connect with other recruiters about talent and potentially pass candidate information back and forth. if a candidate isn’t a good fit for one of your positions, it’s possible they may be exactly what another company or recruiter is looking for and establishing positive recruiter to recruiter or business to business relationships can be critical in advancing, evolving, and growing your recruitment efforts. 
  • Don’t sever ties: Staying connected to formerly valued and trusted co-workers and colleagues is essential for all business professionals, but especially recruiters and HR team members. Maintaining working relationships – even across states, countries, and industries – can lead to referrals and other connections. Past coworkers may also be a fit for an open role you have in the future.   
  • Be active in your outreach: Posting jobs and collecting applications is a pivotal part of your recruitment, but searching for keywords to find candidate profiles is also essential. Using a keyword search can help connect you with profiles that have the same list of experience or qualifications you’re looking for, and reaching out to them may bring more applicants into the fold by introducing them to an opportunity they may not have found otherwise. 
  • Strengthen your brand: LinkedIn is a vital employer branding tool. Sharing updates about the company culture, community involvement, employment perks, company awards, and more can help you position yourself as a company that values its employees and is a pleasant place to work. 

One of the best ways to make the most of your LinkedIn efforts is to partner with a staffing agency. Our expert recruiters have industry experience and wide-reaching networks that can help enhance your hiring efforts. Get in touch with our team today.   

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