Work-life balance isn’t just a career and business phrase used alongside other buzzwords. The importance of finding a balance between a career and personal and family life is essential because burnout can lead to emotional, mental, and even physical health problems. This can have a significant impact on your relationships and negatively affect your job and career prospects.  

Finding balance is essential, but it can also be stressful when juggling work and home responsibilities. Here are some ways to get started and stay in balance.  

  1. Set boundaries: There is no such thing as a perfect work-life balance. With smartphones, most people end up bringing some level of work home with them, so work doesn’t necessarily stop when you’re not physically in the office anymore. That’s why setting boundaries is essential. Being always accessible to coworkers and bosses isn’t healthy and is one of the first ways that work-life balance will be disrupted. Limits like not checking your email after a particular time or communicating with coworkers that you won’t answer texts after dinner will help you create more balance.  
  2. Set goals: Goals and milestones in work and life help you organize your time. When some tangible goals and milestones help drive and shape your days, it can make everything feel less nebulous and stressful.  
  3. Make plans: It’s essential not to wait until work “lets up” to make plans. Building a schedule of non-work things is important because it helps you prioritize your workload and also gives you something to look forward to outside of your job.  
  4. Make appointments: Prioritizing your health is a huge part of a more balanced life. Seeing a doctor regularly can help you assess any issues, allowing you to create a plan before things get unmanageable.  
  5. Find the right job: When you have a job you love at a company you respect and believe in, it’s much easier to find work-life balance because work feels less like something you need to endure and escape and more like something you get to participate in. While there’s no such thing as the perfect job, there are jobs that are a better fit for some people and finding that can help create a much healthier, happier, more productive life in and out of work.  


If you’re looking for a job that can offer you better work-life balance or want to work for a company that values employees taking time away from the office and recharging, get in touch with us today. Our experience and extensive network mean we can help match you to the right job at the company that’s right for you 

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