Upskilling your workforce is one of the fastest, easiest, most direct ways to address talent and skills gaps in your organization. Rather than trying to hire new employees to make sure that every talent need is fulfilled, you can save time and money by working with your current workforce to help train them and teach them the additional skills that can help benefit your organization and steer it towards success.  

Here are 4 ways to help enhance the skills of your current workforce.  

Onsite training:

Finding a training pro is a great way to help you get started in growing your employees’ skillsets. For certain tech skills and types of training, it makes sense to partner with an outside educational professional who can help develop and lead training classes and programs. Some companies choose to work with a dedicated professional education and training company, but businesses also work with colleges, universities, local technical trade schools, and more in order to bring in some additional resources to design and implement professional education for employees.  

Online courses:

You don’t need to bring in a trainer to get started with educating employees. Starting in-house with available online resources can be a good way to organize and launch your upskilling efforts. You can start small by using YouTube tutorials or SlideShare presentations and begin to formalize small training groups and regular sessions to enhance the needed skills and improve employee development.  

Book clubs:

Something as simple as a book club can help informally share knowledge and business practices and principles with your employees, having a positive effect on their performance.  

Mentorship or apprenticeship:

Consider having junior-level employees matched with more senior-level team members.This is particularly helpful for companies that need to work on succession planning and strategy to ensure that skills and knowledge aren’t lost . It’s important that the knowledge and skills that exist within your company don’t get lost when someone moves on or retires. Passing along education and training person to person can be hugely valuable in making sure there are fewer knowledge gaps, as well as improving team collaboration and cross-business relationships.  

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