How can you make yourself noticeable in a pack of potential candidates, all vying for the same position? You need to ensure that your resume is catered to the job you’re applying for and highlights your best qualities so companies can identify you as top talent.  

If you want your resume to stand out from your competition, focus on these five things. 

Choose the right words:

When it comes to describing your experiences, you want to emphasize your contributions in a way that lets employers know your value. Instead of “created” or “worked,” try solution-oriented words like “increased,” “resolved,” “improved,” “grew,” and others that indicate tangible value. 

Add the numbers:

Statistics, data, and numbers jump off the page. Being able to attribute hard data to your work is important. If you “grew” sales, say by how much. If you “expanded” memberships, indicate how long it took you and how many members were added as part of the expansion? If you “resolved” several IT help desk tickets, say how many you completed a week. Numbers like these help quantify your contributions in a meaningful way.  

Add awards:

If you’ve been recognized or awarded throughout your career for achievements, make sure they have a section on your resume to get employers to notice. Noting awards that you’ve been elected or recognized for helps highlight your skills and experience as high-quality and worth taking notice of.  

Show off soft skills: 

Certain words communicate significant expertise, like communication and leadership. When describing past positions, utilize phrases like “collaborated”, “consulted with”, and “built” to communicate leadership, team building, and communication skills. No matter what position you find yourself applying for, these skills are always in demand and important in applicants.  

Customize for the role:

Make sure that your resume is most relevant for the positions you’re applying for. Before submitting your application, tailor your resume to ensure that it includes keywords from the job posting. This helps make sure that applicant tracking software will spot your resume and prioritize it as relevant.  

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