Happy employees are productive employees. More and more, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck or a job title. They want to feel happy, energized, and appreciated in their place of work. They spend at least 40 hours a week working and employers have an increased responsibility to make their employees feel happier and healthier at work in order to improve productivity and engagement.  

Here are some ways to ensure your employees are happy every day.  


One of the easiest ways to keep employees engaged is by keeping them in the loop. Communicating about business changes in advance, plus giving regular updates on the state of the company, goes a long way towards helping employees feel connected to the bigger picture. Without regular communication from leadership and management, employees have a better understanding of the expectations for their own work, which reduces stress and contributes to employee happiness and well-being. 


Pay matters when it comes to employee happiness, but there are perks beyond a fair paycheck that help employee engagement. Gift cards for special occasions, like a birthday or work anniversaries, are a fun way to recognize employees. For many employees, a handwritten note of thanks can contribute to their workplace happiness in a big way. 

Career growth: 

Companies that focus on employee training, growth, and development often see higher rates of engagement and employee satisfaction. While it’s an investment of time and money by your company, the return seen in employee retainment is huge. Happy employees who know their company is looking out for their future are much happier in their roles and more likely to stay on board.                       

Events and experiences: 

Experiences can go a long way in increasing employee happiness. While some companies have game rooms and zen pods to give employees a mental break and keep morale and productivity up, others focus on changing up the office environment with regular events or taking it out of the office completely. Hosting events like employee appreciation picnics, catered breakfasts, team outings at bowling alleys, and other activities can boost employee happiness and bring people back to their desks recharged and focused.  

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