Project managers, especially in IT, are invaluable team members. They help projects start strong and stay on track and on budget so that projects can be completed on time and to spec. IT projects can have a huge impact on the way that businesses operate and are able to grow, so successful project managers are critical.  

If you’re looking to make a huge difference as a PM, here’s what to make sure you have on your resume to get noticed, get hired, and make an impact.  

Specific numbers: 

Project management is all about keeping things on time and on budget, so you want to make sure your resume reflects this. How many projects have you ushered through to completion? How much money has your project management helped save organizations because your budget-savvy? How much revenue have your completed projects helped contribute to the bottom line of your business?  Call out these concrete numbers as much as possible to ensure that your accomplishments get noticed. 

Technical skills:

Modern project management requires skill with technology programs that support project management tasks. Experience with software like Huddle, Microsoft Project, Basecamp, Trello, Smartsheets, and other programs can go a long way towards helping you get hired. If you haven’t used any major, well-known pieces of tech, highlight what you do have experience in so you can get noticed and show off the skills and experience you have.  

Soft skills:

Even the most technically savvy candidates need to make sure that they are bringing a solid amount of experience that highlights the ability to communicate, collaborate, prioritize, organize, and more. Make sure you structure your resume in such a way that points to these qualities as well so that employers know you’re resourceful, diligent, eager to learn, and a team player. These skills matter and are often transferrable from role to role, so if you’re looking to move into a PM role, emphasizing these soft skills can help you ease into these roles more easily. 

We can help you stand out to employers by helping to match your unique experience to the best open positions. If you’re looking for your next project management role, get in touch with us today. Our industry experts can find the right match for your skills and help you grow your career.  

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