Your job posting needs to do a lot of work in very little time. This is one of the first things that candidates will see about your business, and it needs to be concise while being thorough and, as often as possible, show off the personality of your brand and your company culture. 

Why is it essential to have a strong job description every time? 

Job descriptions are how top talent will find you.

You need to find the best people to fit your open roles and support your business, and well-written job postings that are written with keywords about the position will enable people searching online to find you 

Strong job postings will actually encourage applicants.

You can’t get the best possible people working for your company if they never apply to begin with. Job postings should be informative and have personality without being bloated so that people are more likely to read through the whole posting, understand the requirements, and apply.  

Here’s how to write the best possible job description:  

Use a real job title that people will understand:

“Analyst” is a better job title that “Data storyteller,” in part because job seekers are searching for job titles they’ve had in the past or have heard in the industry. 

Avoid buzzwords:

Candidates see-through job requirements that ask for “synergy” and “agility.” Be straightforward. If you need a flexible candidate, give a brief statement as to why. 

Be clear about the responsibilities:

How will job candidates be spending their time? Think about the role and what kind of day to day work is really required to support the goals of the business. Some companies choose to break down the job requirements into percentages by, for instance, listing that the job requires 75% strategic tasks, 12% administrative work, and 12% design. This can be helpful in finding the right candidates because it allows candidates to think through their skill set and how they know they can best spend their time to make sure it aligns with the role before applying. 

Give a salary range:

Quality applicants want to see transparency in job listings regarding salary because they likely already have a range in mind for their next role and are more likely to apply if they know going in that their salary will be fair and aligned with their expectations.  

Keep it simple:

You want to be clear and comprehensive in your job listing, but you also want to make sure that it’s straightforward and easy to understand. Candidates are likely applying at more than just your company, so keep the job posting to a length that allows for clarity while also respecting your candidate’s time. The average length of a job posting is about 1,000 words. 

Talk about the company:

You don’t want your company information to take up the bulk of the posting, but you want to share some insight as to where a candidate would be working. Share some about your goals and strategic mission and how the role is related to the company’s mission. 

If you are looking for the next right hire for your company, we can help. Call us today to find out how we can support your hiring goals. 

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