Top talent gets noticed in the tech world because of skills like mastering programming languagesknowledge about machine learning applications, and cloud architecture capabilities. But if candidates want to stand out in an interview or advance their career in their existing role, these soft skills can help.   


Creativity can take many forms. Finding different ways to solve challenges and tackle problems is a creative exercise. Showcase your creativity and problem-solving abilities by asking questions, doing research, and sharing your findings. This is helpful whether your team is troubleshooting a current issue or if you’re just looking at industry trends to pay attention to in the future.  


Not all of the toughest challenges can be solved in the tech stack alone. Having a positive outlook and optimistic attitude can have a huge influence on how people see you. Are you excited about trying new things and not easily frustrated? Do you encourage your team, even if you’re not in a leadership role?  


There might not be one right way to do everything. Not every project can be solved with the same solution or through the same old way of doing things. Being open to other ideas and perspectives is one of the best ways to find the most efficient solutions and build team collaboration.  


Setbacks happen. Whether it’s a product launch, an upgrade, a systems integration, or another important project, sometimes even the best projects or ideas can fall apart or get off track. Understanding that progress can be made by learning from failures and unexpected problems is key to getting noticed, getting ahead, and getting through the most challenging projects. 


Even the most skilled employees need to be able to work well with others to communicate well and troubleshoot effectively. An attitude and understanding of a team’s dynamics and the importance of working together will set you apart as someone who is not just an individual contributor, but able to support the bigger goals of the business.

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