Being an effective, efficient member of a hiring team is essential. Unfilled positions can cost your company money in the form of lost productivity or recruiting dollars and manpower. Finding the best candidates fast is becoming more important to businesses to help them remain competitive. Here’s how to improve as a hiring professional and become more effective with every open position.

  1. Keep an eye on data: Track what job boards and methods are actually working for your company. If some aren’t getting any engagement or are only producing low-quality or ill-fitted leads, it may not make sense to dedicate time and budget to those resources.
  2. Be proactive: Good HR analytics data can help here. You don’t have to wait for position fill requests to come down from departments. Ask yourself if there’s been growth in particular departments or if a busy season is coming up that will require more staffing to meet labor needs. Approaching recruitment proactively means you can better fill your talent pipeline and experience less time to fill. When a new position does open up, post your position, but don’t just sit and wait. Go through old applications and resumes, and even look at your internal team to see if there is someone who would be a great fit for a new role based on their history and experience.
  3. Keep company and HR goals aligned: Hiring professionals always need to ask themselves, “Is this candidate a fit for not just the position, but for the company? Can their skills ultimately help this organization reach its goals?” It’s difficult sometimes not to think of hiring as a box to be checked and approaching recruitment that way can lead to hiring someone with the right skills on paper but who’s out of sync with the mission or goals of your business. Keeping the business’s priorities in mind while you hire is key to finding the best long-term talent.

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