The interview is over and you’re feeling accomplished and relieved. But now what? The waiting between leaving an interview and hearing back from a company can be one of the most nerve-wracking or stressful parts of the job application process. Is it a good idea to follow up with an employer and ask if they’ve made a decision? Is it important to let them know you’re still interested if a certain amount of time has passed?

Here are some of the best ways to follow up after an interview without seeming pushy, impatient or desperate.

  1. Start before you leave: You can always ask about next steps before you leave an interview. After a successful interview, asking what’s next in the process can not only set your expectations, but also show employers you are proactive without being pushy.
  2. Say thanks: The most important follow-up communication after an interview is a sincere thank you. Many candidates will send a thank-you card, but email can be appropriate too, especially since it’s a timely communication. You can use your email as a way to recap your interest in the company or job and why you think you’d be a good fit, as well as thank the interviewer for their time and offer to get them any additional information they may need.
  3. Check in but add value: If a significant amount of time has passed, sending an email saying, “I was just wondering if you’ve made a decision” isn’t likely to push you into a job offer. But you can follow up by asking if there’s anything else they need from you. An email that says, “We met last month to discuss an IT position and I am just checking in to make sure you have everything you need from me to fully consider my application. I am excited to potentially contribute my skills to XYZ company.” You can also send your contact an interesting industry article or relevant link with a note that says, “I’m glad we connected during our discussion of your IT opening. I found this article and I wanted to pass it on to you, as I thought you might find it interesting or useful.” Following up without making it all about you is key.

Following up after an interview is an art, but it’s usually the last step of the job hunt. Finding the right positions and applying is the first, and we can help. Our IT position network and IT placement experience can help you land your next interview. Call us today or visit our site to start your search.

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