The whole job-hunting process starts with your resume. A resume is a convenient way for HR professionals to get the highlights from your career and get a feel for your education and experience; however, recruiters see a lot of resumes. It’s important to make sure yours is accurate and effective to make sure you have a chance at getting the job.

Here’s how to make your resume stand out.

  1. Use concrete, tangible, measurable data: it’s not enough to tell a company you exceeded sales goals or raised revenue. Companies need hard data, like statistics and percentages. Tell the story of how much you beat sales quotas by or how many marketing campaigns you launched a year. Adding in these details is an important stand-out step.
  2. Add keywords: Most job applications these days are submitted through an applicant tracking system, or ATS. This technology allows companies to scan and sort resumes faster by identifying relevant keywords on an applicant’s resume. One of the best ways to ensure your resume is flagged as a match is to make sure it contains exact or similar keywords to those in the actual job listing or position description.
  3. Proofread: Mistakes happen but ensuring they happen as infrequently as possible can be the difference between getting an interview and never hearing from the company. If you don’t feel like you’re the best editor of your own work, recruit a friend or family member to read through your resume to ensure consistency and point out any spelling or grammar errors. A clean resume is always going to beat out one that’s riddled with typos.

The first step to getting hired is to put your best resume forward. Take time to make sure it matches the requirements for any posting you’re applying to and avoid being generic. Being deliberate, intentional and purposeful with your resume will help you get noticed by recruiters and matched with more jobs.

If you need help finding your next role, get in touch today. We can help get you noticed by the right companies looking for candidates like you.

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