Sourcing the best talent is a priority for every business. Your organization’s success depends on the quality of its people. There are a lot of tried-and-true methods when it comes to recruiting and hiring, but sometimes businesses need to get a little creative to bring the right people on board. For some out-of-box ideas to find candidates, we suggest these.

  1. Old employees: One software company in Illinois had let an employee go for lackluster performance. That employee went on to work as a developer for another company, and after a few years there was looking for a change. He reached out to an old co-worker who was managing at his former company. The company had pivoted their business model and rebranded and the former employee had grown a lot. They ended up bringing him back on board in a new position, and he’s successfully been working there for over a year. Don’t discount former employees as a great resource for a new job, as they often have a lot of skills and relational experience you’re looking for.
  2. Social media. Social media, especially LinkedIn, can be a great tool to help your business find interested and qualified candidates. Social media has the unique ability to tell you things about a candidate that a resume might not and assess things about their work and even their personality that can make it easier to find a good fit for your job opening.
  3. Former co-workers. Sometimes you or your teammates have worked with great people at past companies. Consider reaching out to them to see if they’re considering new opportunities or in the market for a new role. You can be your business’s best tool to building quality relationships that can grow into acquiring new talent.

Networking is a great way to find your next hire, and using these methods can increase your reach. An expert staffing service like Kinect can as well. Get in touch today to utilize our business relationships and connections to help find your next great hire.

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