If you’re looking to increase your pay or advance your career, you don’t want to simply wait for the opportunity to open up or a promotion to land in your lap. While being a top-performing employee can increase your chances for a better position or a pay raise, there are other ways to ensure that when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll be considered as the best candidate for the job.

The right experience is what drives a lot of the requirements for securing technology jobs and IT and information security industry positions; education is also a factor. By earning additional IT certifications, you will not only gain additional knowledge that can help you in another role, you also have the opportunity to show employers you take your work seriously and are preparing for a future in the industry. Here are some IT certifications to consider.

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP). Because of the timelines and intricacies involved with IT projects like installations, updates, server migration and new software integrations, project management is a key part of IT. Getting a certification in project management means you’ll understand all parts of the project management process, including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect. AWS, or Amazon Web Services, is a popular cloud platform, used by businesses all over the globe. An architect certification helps employees develop skills that enable them to design and deploy scalable systems on AWS, including how to keep development cost-effective, appropriate security, plus reliability and quality of all AWS systems.
  3. Certified Information Security Manager. Security has become an extremely important part of IT processes and business IS, so a certification in security-specific knowledge can help set you apart. As technology becomes more advanced, so do the threats against business information systems. A CISM certification is helpful for IT managers who need to build, develop and design better security initiatives for the business enterprise.

IT certifications can help grow your skill set and prepare you for what’s next in your career. Are you looking for your next business challenge? Get in touch today to find the employment opportunity where you can best use your skills. Our relationships with employers mean we can get you the best job matches and set you up for long-term success.

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