There are a lot of qualities that hiring managers and HR professionals look for in a candidate – enthusiasm, communication, intelligence and more. One of the most important qualities employers are looking for in new hires today is adaptability – the ability to handle change.

Why is adaptability important?

  • Businesses face a lot of change. From technology advances to business growth, it’s important to have an attitude that change is the norm and be able to embrace whatever that looks like. Adaptable employees can roll with the punches and not let changes disrupt their productivity or effectiveness.
  • Adaptable employees are more willing to make mistakes and take risks. This can translate to more creativity and a willingness to own projects, as well as take on responsibility for tasks that other employees aren’t as enthusiastic about.
  • Adaptability also translates to the ability to take ownership of mistakes. Flexible employees are always looking to learn and when mistakes are made, they more readily identify what went wrong and can more quickly and easily learn how to not make the same mistakes twice.

What does adaptability look like?

  • Different roles and responsibilities: Some employers view having jobs in different fields as a negative that indicates they aren’t disciplined employees; however, this can actually be a sign a candidate is flexible, adaptable and willing to learn. Plus, different roles can add knowledge and skills to an employee’s repertoire, which can be an advantage to new employers.
  • Promotions: Has your candidate been promoted throughout their career? This might indicate an ability to take on challenges and adapt to big changes.
  • Education: Flexible and adaptable employees seek out new opportunities to keep learning. If an employee’s resume shows certifications or other educational accomplishments, this is likely a sign of adaptability.

When it comes to hiring the most well-rounded employees to really make an impact at your business, adaptability is a key trait to look for. It can help you develop a more versatile, creative team and better enable your business for change.

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