Are you looking for ways to improve your interview techniques and bring your interview ability to new levels? Here are some things to pay attention to for your next tech interview.

  1. Practice more than answers: Good candidates are prepared for common interview questions, but it’s easy to forget the things that are less easy to rehearse, such as body language or other nonverbal things.
  2. Listen as much as you talk: An interview’s primary function is for a company to learn about you as a candidate and find out if you’re a good fit. But good interviews are a two-way conversation. The interviewer will likely want to share about their position, the position you’re interviewing for, the company, and more. You’ll want to make sure that for as much as you’re speaking to answer their questions, you’re listening to what they have to say too.
  3. Ask questions: Another thing you’ll want to make sure you’re listening to are the answers to questions you’re asking. Asking questions during an interview demonstrates interest and a desire to learn more, all of which point to a candidate who’s more invested in understanding and getting the position.
  4. Be personable but not too familiar: Being friendly and professional is important. You want to be authentic without coming off as too comfortable. Some businesses are turned off by candidates who can’t keep boundaries between the personal and the professional, and too much interest in the personal side of the conversation can make candidates seem more interested in socializing and less on working.
  5. Be confident without being cocky: Businesses want employees who are confident in their skills and experiences without coming off as snobby or superior. What does confidence look like in an interview? Candidates who are prepared to answer questions, who are prepared to ask their questions, and who can speak intelligently about their experiences will be seen as knowledgeable and competent. Cocky candidates will seem full of themselves and hard to work with.

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