Applying for jobs can be like a job in and of itself. Searching job boards, working with recruiters, perfecting your resume, customizing cover letters, going to interviews, writing follow up emails, and then the waiting. And even after all that work, sometimes it doesn’t work out in your favor.

Rejections happen – it’s part of trying to find the best fit. Sometimes it’s not a good match for both parties and other times not getting the job can be devastating. Either way, it’s important to stay engaged, stay motivated, and stay focused. Here are some tips for how to keep up a successful job hunt after not getting the one you wanted.

  1. Ask for feedback. Just because you didn’t get a job offer doesn’t mean you necessarily did something wrong, but it never hurts to see if there are areas you could improve on. Have a professional or HR contact look at your resume and make sure there aren’t any errors, typos or places that could be stronger. You can also practice your interview with someone – even just practicing common questions and answers with a friend or family member can increase your confidence and help you think of new perspectives.
  2. Improve and expand your network. Sometimes the next best opportunity comes from someone you know. Making connections can be a crucial way to find out about new openings and potential job listings. Adding people on LinkedIn from companies you respect or who you have mutual contacts with is one way to explore potential opportunities. You can also join local professional organizations and meet like-minded individuals. You never want to network strictly with a motivation of finding a job or getting an in, but it’s a nice benefit of expanding your social and business circle.
  3. Stay positive. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember the right job is out there. If you need to take an additional class, work on a certificate or just polish your resume, make sure you’re continuing to make progress and take positive steps towards your goals.

Not getting the job you worked hard to get an interview for or getting passed over on the position you really wanted is difficult. It’s important to remember that finding the best fit for your skills and personality is a process. If you need assistance or support on your job search, let us know. We can help you find your next tech career and be a resource on your job journey.

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