Employee engagement is a key driver of productivity and reduced staff turnover at any business. More than job satisfaction – though that sometimes plays a role in engagement – employee engagement is about how invested your employees are in their role at the company, how much they feel connected to the mission and goals of the company, and how much they feel their work matters to the organization.

Here are some ideas on how to create better employee engagement in your office and attract and retain the best talent to help build the success of your business.

  1. Your workspace matters. One way to show employees you’re invested in them (which grows their loyalty and productivity) is to create an environment employees want to work in. Standing desks or a varied layout that includes open and private spaces may help increase collaboration and make employees feel more energized and excited about coming to work. You can also offer flexible work hours or remote options – employees with more autonomy feel more empowered to do their best work and are more engaged in their projects when they have more flexibility around where to work and how to work.
  2. Grow your communication. Whether it’s regular company meetings, intranet posts by the CEO or regular internal emails, it’s important your employees have a sense of the big picture and progress along the way. It’s very hard for employees to be engaged when they’re unsure of the impact of their work or don’t have context and direction for the company they work at.
  3. Review perks. You don’t need to have a Zen room or a kegerator or on-site masseuse to keep employees engaged. These things might improve satisfaction for some, but more often than not, people just want fair and clear benefits, like a competitive salary, health benefits, 401(k) or stock options, and paid time off to recharge.
  4. Listen. Keep the doors of communication open both ways. Solicit feedback and give employees a way to have a voice in their workplace.

Some of the best ways to improve employee engagement come from making employees a valued part of the overall company rather than just human capital to achieve an objective. A more holistic view of the workplace can help increase your employee engagement and grow productivity and performance.

If you’re looking for the best people to join your team and help build a culture of engagement and communication, get in touch today. We can help you find the people who have the skills you need and goals that align with yours.

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