If you’re looking for the best hiring results, you might want to think fast. No one wants to rush through the hiring process just to fill a spot, as you’ll run the risk of bringing on the wrong candidate without the benefit of quality conversations and the proper vetting process. However, you also don’t want to move too slow and miss out on great talent. Recruits expect speed and don’t want to be kept waiting weeks. Your business doesn’t want to be too slow making a decision either, as another business could snag your preferred candidate.

Here’s how you can pick up the pace on recruiting without taking on any additional risk.

  1. Double-check your hiring criteria: Make sure your hiring managers and HR experts are aligned on what the most important qualities are for a job and what the “nice-to-haves” are. Finding someone with the essential skills who’s a good cultural fit might be better than waiting around for the “perfect” candidate. Someone who has the skills and experience can always be offered additional training, and the sooner someone qualified is hired, the sooner they can start making an impact in your business.
  2. Use contractors or hire on a trial basis: Hiring freelancers and contractors is a great way to test drive employees. With trial-for-hire staff, you can get a real-world feel for their qualifications and fit in your office and can turn them into full-time employees quickly if they meet your standards and are open to full-time work.
  3. Use outside help: Recruitment firms and staffing services are experts in matching businesses with the best talent. Because they have an extensive network of contacts and a lot of industry experience, they can be one of your best resources for helping you refine your talent pool faster and fill your positions with the least amount of downtime between qualified employees.

If you’re looking for your next IT employee, give us a call. Our expertise can help you fill your open positions with the best talent fast.

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