There’s no denying it – rejection from a job can be rough. It can be especially hard when you’ve reviewed the post and not only found that you’re an exact match for what they’re looking for but you can also see yourself excited about getting up every day to work in that role. If you’ve taken the time to submit the best version of your resume, a tailored cover letter, and a stellar work sample and still heard back “no,” here’s how to move forward.

  • Don’t take it personally: Sometimes things don’t click. Whether you’ve been rejected after an in-person interview or didn’t even get to the interview stage, don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of people competing for the same positions, but the right job is out there. There are plenty of positions available for tech professionals.
  • Keep up with keywords: Most resumes are screened through an applicant tracking system before a real person ever sees them, so make sure that your resume is crafted to include some of the same words you see in the job posting. This will make it more likely that your skills and experience will be flagged for review by a real person.
  • Don’t burn bridges: If you’ve moved through several interviews and feel like you really hit it off with recruiters only to end up not getting hired, don’t get angry. Being annoyed, frustrated, and disappointed are all-natural reactions, but keep it professional. Thank the company for their time and ask them to consider you for future positions. Keeping things positive means they’re much more likely to think of you next time there’s an opening.
  • Ask for feedback: If you’re really looking to learn a lesson for next time, ask for input. Send out your resume to be evaluated by a professional who can make suggestions on how to improve it to get more interviews. If you’ve been rejected after an interview and are feeling bold, reach out professionally and ask if the recruiter has any feedback on your interview performance that you can take with you to the next one.

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