Finding the right talent for your next tech position is a mix of several things, including where you’re posting your job descriptions and if you’re utilizing the help of a connected tech staffing firm. Another thing that can really help drive engagement with your job posting is writing a great description of the company and the job role.

Here are some tips for writing job descriptions that will attract top tech talent.

  • Get not have: Job descriptions that pose their positions as something the candidate gets to work on as opposed to have to work on can have an impact on increasing quality candidates. Simply stating “The right candidate will work on projects like…” will help your business receive more applications from excited and qualified candidates.
  • Point out perks: You want to attract the best candidates possible, so it’s important that you make your company sound as appealing as possible. To make your office a place people want to work, point out all the ways you invest in your employees from health benefits to continued education reimbursement to corporate wellness events to work-life balance and gym stipends.
  • Include a salary range: Talented applicants may be intrigued by your position and your company, but what can set you apart from another job they might want is knowing if the job is a good fit based on salary. You don’t have to disclose what you plan to pay the position but offering a pay range can help both you and your candidates by not drawing in applicants who will ultimately end up rejecting your offer.
  • Friendliness goes a long way: Even the most professional companies should sound personable to applicants. You don’t have to be fake or gimmicky but striking a friendly and inviting tone can help applicants feel more welcomed and increase the likelihood of applying.

Make sure you don’t rush through your want ad writing. Take the time to craft the right job post that speaks to the kind of company you are – and will attract the kind of talent you want.

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