Do you know how to stand out and get hired? While there is no shortage of tech positions, there is also no shortage of qualified, talented candidates applying for the same positions. In some cases, you need more than a strong employment history and educational background to get noticed for the positions you want.

What are some of the ways to stand out during your developer job search?

  1. Specialization: For some jobs, specializing in one programming language or one industry can be a huge advantage. Not every company wants someone who’s dabbled in everything and has some experience across a number of areas. Some places need someone who does one or two things really, really well. It’s wise to have some experience in several areas, but definitely not a bad idea to be well-versed, trained, and experienced in one area over others.
  2. Certifications: Speaking of specialization – a formal certification can help. Even if your desired role doesn’t require a specialization, having a certification lets employees know how much you value learning and shows them your commitment to your field. It can also give you an edge over an equally qualified competitor, as a certification indicates more working knowledge and understanding, which is desirable for any employer to have in their workforce.
  3. Soft skills: Tech skills aren’t the only skills that matter. Developers still need to be good communicators, capable problems solvers, and proven team players. Candidates who can confidently display those capabilities either in an interview or through their resume are much more likely to get noticed.

While there are lots of opportunities available for tech professionals, you want to ensure you have everything you need to secure your dream job if it comes down to you and another candidate. Being the whole package – talented, eager, skilled, experienced, and good with people – can help set you apart and make you the first choice for any developer position.

If you’re looking for your next role, get in touch with us today. We can help match you with the developer position that’s right for you and grow in your career.

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