Small companies need good talent as much as any other business – sometimes even more. In order to grow and succeed, smaller businesses rely on smart, capable employees to help drive their mission forward. With the market for tech talent so competitive, it can be harder for small businesses to attract the top talent without offering beer pong rooms and unlimited PTO. What can small businesses do to recruit the best tech professionals?

  1. Offer stock or investment options: Some smaller companies struggle with brand name recognition or offering large salaries, and this can make it harder to attract and hire tech talent. Startups and other small companies, though, might be in the unique position to offer something else to potential employees – part ownership of the company. Before a company goes public or experiences high-growth is a great time to incentivize potential employees with the promise of stocks or investment options in the company after a certain amount of time employed, usually a year.
  2. Offer flexible work options: More and more, employees are looking for greater work-life balance and flexibility in their schedule. Offering flexible schedules and remote work options is a great option for companies who are looking to hire qualified employees. This is an extremely desirable perk for job seekers and in some cases can even save your business money. Plus, tech jobs are some of the easiest to facilitate in a remote work situation.
  3. Cultivate a culture of appreciation: Bigger names, like Google, might get more applications, but you don’t need to be a giant company with name recognition to bring talented candidates to the table. Creating a culture where employees know their work matters is key to attracting talent to your small business. Employees who know the actual impact of their work – exactly how they make a difference – are more likely to want to join and stay on at an organization. Make transparency and employee recognition a key part of your employee culture.

You can also utilize the professional network of a tech-focused staffing company. Our recruitment experts can help source the best candidates and find the talent who aligns with your goals and will help advance your business. Give us a call now so we can match you with the right tech talent for your company today.

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