Your employees are the foundation of your business. Your success as an organization is linked to the engagement and commitment of your employees. It’s important, then, to make sure you show your employees know that their contributions are valued and that they are an appreciated asset. Here are some of the best ideas for showing your employees your appreciation.

  1. Events: Taking your team out of the office and giving them a break from their daily routine is a good way to let employees cut loose, bond, and have some company-approved fun. Whether it’s an afternoon out bowling, an all-employee family night at the local baseball stadium or an employee retreat that functions as part getaway, part learning opportunity, employees who get to take a company-sponsored break often feel more engaged at work.
  2. Bonuses: Money is still one of the top employee ranked appreciation tokens. Some companies offer a yearly or quarterly bonus and some give regular gift cards for a morale boost, but no matter what the denomination or giving method, monetary compensation is a time-honored and effective way of expressing employee appreciation.
  3. Vacation time: One of the most effective ways to say “thanks for a job well done” is by saying “now enjoy a break”, which Is why some companies offer extra vacation time as an employee appreciation method. Not only does vacation allow your employees to create that much needed work-life balance and time away to come back to the office refreshed, but it also serves as a meaningful gesture of appreciation. Both facets make it a great tool to keep employees engaged and more productive in the office.

Recognizing your employees for their hard work is an important part of your human resource responsibilities. Finding ways to reward them and encourage them is one of the best ways to continue seeing productivity, positivity, and results.

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