Tech professionals engage in a lot of solitary work. Even those who serve on helpdesk teams can spend hours heads-down at their desk, troubleshooting a problem or researching a new solution. While marketing and sales teams are often seen as more collaborative, busier, or more connected, the very nature of tech work means that much of it is done individually.

There is a lot of value, though, to bring more teamwork into tech areas and teams. Emphasizing teamwork can help each individual succeed more in their positions, as well as help the business better meet its goals and objectives.

Here are some teamwork ideas to try:

  1. Brainstorm: Getting into a room as a team regularly is important. Brainstorming might seem like a marketing or creative endeavor, but tech teams need this practice too. Brainstorming is still one of the fastest, easiest, and most direct ways to encourage thinking outside the box and ultimately become more forward-thinking. Just because something as always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way, and team brainstorms help keep new ideas fresh and alive for a team that’s always thinking about the best possible solutions.
  2. Collaborate: Looking for opportunities to collaborate is key. There might not be a lot of projects that involve group work and the tech department may be segmented into smaller teams like IT, development, network administration, security, and more. That’s why actively looking for opportunities to create connection and collaborate as a team is important. Often different opinions, skillsets, and backgrounds can help teams find better solutions that better meet business needs and can help save time and money while growing a better team dynamic.
  3. Ask for help: Tech professionals are problem solvers and many will lose hours going over a problem and trying to find what they’ve missed or what the best way to proceed is. This is a truly valuable asset – self-sufficiency and curiosity are the marks of most good employees. But being driven and determined can only take you so far; using the resources around you – including people like your peers and boss – is a great way to not just find solutions faster but also foster better team connections.

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