Your workspace matters. Not just the physical desks, but the kind of culture that you’re building every day. Your culture is almost as important as salary and benefits in attracting the top talent to your business. Culture doesn’t have to just mean perks or events – it’s how your company lives its values and displays how it cares about employees as an expression of that. Candidates want to work for companies who have a culture of authenticity and integrity, which can look like everything from regular company events to a well-developed training and development program.

Here are some of the best ways to showcase your company culture in a way that will help you attract talent.

  • Use social media: Businesses are always told to use social media, but not always told how. Not all social media needs to be a press release about your business or product announcements. Using platforms like LinkedIn or Instagram and the Instagram stories feature is a great way to show people the essence and personality of your company culture. If your business has a company potluck or teams go to volunteer, share pictures and video on social media to tell the story of your employer brand. You want to be seen as more than just a business, but a place where real people work and are valued. Showing the behind-the-scenes of your company culture and events is important.
  • Use employees to tell the story: It’s okay to ask current employees what they like about working for your organization to build a case for new employees to join. Many companies have a page of their website dedicated to things like employee testimonials or employee interviews that allow employees to share what they value about the company, which can help to grow the interest of potential candidates.

Your company culture helps to attract and retain the best talent, so it’s important to prioritize it and also share it beyond the walls of your building. if you believe that your company has something special to offer, share it with others because it’s one of the top drivers of successful recruitment.

If you need additional help or support with your recruitment process, get in touch with our team today. We can not only help you find the best talent for your open positions but also connect you with people who are a good culture.

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