One of the most important parts of attracting top talent is the actual hiring process. How you attract and interact with candidates will ultimately be one of the deciding factors in a candidate’s decision to become a member of your team. So how can you create a better process that makes candidates glad they applied?  Here are three manageable changes you can work on to improve your tech hiring process.

  1. Speed up the process: HR professionals and recruiters are busy and it’s easy to lose track of things or fall behind. It’s important to stay on top of the hiring process, though, as candidates are more likely to accept a position with another organization if they don’t hear from you. Some organizations find that investing in an automated hiring software can help them stay on track with their timelines and ultimately will pay for itself quickly by shortening the process to onboard people faster and increase productivity. But you don’t need fancy software to stay on track and keep the process moving. Calendar reminders and daily check-ins on status can make a big difference.
  2. Write better job descriptions: A good job description is like a great first impression. You don’t want to write dry, bland job descriptions that candidates scroll past, but you also want to make sure it includes enough detail to ensure that you’re getting qualified applicants. One way to potentially improve your job descriptions is to work with your marketing or internal creative teams; job descriptions are ultimately one part of your employer branding and working with marketing professionals can help you create more compelling job listings that resonate better with candidates and job seekers.
  3. Keep up communication with candidates: No matter what stage you’re at in the process, it’s important to stay in touch with candidates and let them know how the process is progressing. Outlining next steps is key in setting candidate expectations and providing them with the best possible hiring experience with your organization. You want to make sure that not too much time passes between communications, as you don’t want to lose good talent to another company who was more communicative.

If your hiring process could use some help, get in touch. Our team has years of recruitment experience and can help support your business growth and tech hiring needs.

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