Networking is an important part of almost any modern career. Having professional connections can help keep you in the know about certain industry trends, job openings, and other important developments.

Why network?

  • Find a better job: Networking is a huge asset if you’re looking to move up the corporate ladder or preparing for a company downsize. Knowing someone might help you get a leg up in the job search.
  • Work for your dream company: If you’re connected with someone who works at a company you’ve always wanted to work for, you might be that much closer to getting an introduction to someone in the company who can help you get hired.
  • Enhance your skills or references: Sometimes networking connections become the people who we learn additional skills from – industry professionals we take a certification class or course with, for instance – or who can be a reference for a job or interview.

Tips for networking

  • Use LinkedIn wisely: LinkedIn has changed modern networking for the better. It allows more access to more professional connections across nearly every industry. But it’s important to use it well for it to be effective or meaningful. In short, you don’t want to reach out to every person whose name comes across your screen. It’s smart to connect with recruiters, professionals as businesses you follow, former and present coworkers, and other familiar names in the industry.
  • Build better relationships with your current colleagues: Your peers and coworkers are some of the strongest members of your network, so you should prioritize these relationships. Start or join a study team or career development group that meets once a week. You can discuss current challenges in your office, but also work on encouraging each other’s skill development to do their jobs better – both at this company and the next. Whether you focus on the entire team learning a new skill or studying for a certification every quarter or you discuss ways to work better in your current company, this can be a way to strengthen existing relationships and ultimately strengthen your professional network.

Recruiters can and should be a part of your network. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your background, the kinds of jobs you may be open to, and where you want to go in your career. Our talented tech recruiters can help you find the next right opportunity.

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