There are plenty of reasons for wanting to improve retention; not only does better retention cut down on hiring costs, it means there are fewer gaps in projects and productivity. It can even help to improve an employer’s brand and image to potential employees. Tech talent is an increasingly important group to keep retained, as there’s an increasing shortage of qualified candidates for the number of positions that continue to open across businesses.  

Here are several ways to help improve your team retention rates.  

1. Be Flexible

Whether it’s offering work from home or remote work options or giving people unlimited time off or even just a flexible work schedule that allows them more freedom to pick up their kids and get to doctor’s appointments, employees are more likely to stay with a company that values them and enables them to honor their out of office commitments.  

2. Give Useful Feedback

Employees need to know how they’re doing to feel comfortable. If employees don’t get regular feedback from their managers or team leaders, they may get antsy thinking that they’re not performing well and start to look for opportunities elsewhere. Communicating your expectations and your praise to your team is one of the most significant things you can do to keep employees.  

3. Provide Perks 

Perks don’t have to just be beer kegs and ping pong tables. Floating holidays, good medical benefits, and after work outings can help employees feel more appreciated and more connected to their employer, making them more likely to stay and to thrive.  

4. Pay Fairly

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, paying a fair wage for work is critical. No matter how cool a company or wonderful a work team, a good salary is still one of the number one considerations when someone takes or changes jobs. Evaluate your pay scale regularly and make sure it’s competitive in your industry and for positions that you have filled.  

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